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Akka IO library in scala for serial ports based on jSSC.

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Akka IO library in scala for serial ports based on jSSC.


  • Java 1.8
  • Akka 2.4.1


libraryDependencies += "com.github.akileev" %% "akka-serial-io" % "1.0.2"

To connect use (in an actor):

override def preStart = IO(Serial) ! Open(port, 9600) 
override def receive = {
  case Opened(p) =>
    println("Connected to port")
    context become open(sender())

The actor will be bound to the opened serial port connection using a death pact. So if the actor that opened the connection gets stopped/killed it will also close and stop the serial port connection.

The operator accepts

  • Write: To write data to the serial port (a ByteString).

  • Close: To close the serial port.

    operator ! Write(ByteString(“Hello”)) // no ack

    val ackToken = new AckEvent{}
    operator ! Write(ByteString(“Hello with ack”), ackToken)

    operator ! Close

The operator will send

  • Received: Data was received no the serial port (ByteString).

  • Ack: Response to successful write.

  • Closed: When the port has been closed (i.e. as a response to Close).

messages. To handle use code like:

    case Received(data) =>
      print("Received data from serial port: ")

    case Closed =>
      println("Serial port closed")
      context stop self

For more information see the Akka IO Documentation.


For jSSC see: https://github.com/scream3r/java-simple-serial-connector/

Provides serial input/output capabilities.

For Akka IO see: http://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/snapshot/scala/io.html

Provides the basic interface definition.