Harness Auth Server Overview

Common Module Usage

harness-auth-common module contains auth server protocol case classes which can be used via dependency:

"com.actionml" %% "harness-auth-common" % <version>



  • OpenJDK 8
  • Maven 3

To build auth server you can install the given prerequisites into your system and run make build or use pre-configured SDK container. We recommend to use actionml/harness-sdk docker container image to perform build.

Using local build

If you want to build Harness with a locally built harness-auth-server, which is the typical case since there is no tar published yet, do the following.

make build
make publish-local

This will put harness dependencies in the local .ivy2 cache so when you build harness you will not get missing dependencies. Harness does not need to run with the harness-auth-server (when not using authentication) but does have dependencies on the client API supplied by this build.

Build using harness-sdk container

git clone https://github.com/actionml/harness-auth-server.git

docker run -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -ti --rm \
  -v $(pwd)/harness-auth-server:/code \
  -w /code actionml/harness-sdk \
  make build

The built distribution will be available in harness-auth-server/dist directory.