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Kafka for Monix

An opinionated library to expose Kafka as an Observable and Observer of data.

It is opinionated in that it also uses the typesafe config (via args4c) as a means to drive the kafka config.

  val config = ConfigFactory.load()

  // write data to kafka (assumes a configuration akin to e.g. kafka4m.topic = someNewTopic)
  val kafkaWriter: Consumer[(String, Array[Byte]), Long] = kafka4m.writeKeyAndBytes(config)

  // read data from kafka (assumes a configuration such as kafka4m.consumer.topic = originalTopic)
  val kafkaData: Observable[ConsumerRecord[String, Array[Byte]]] = kafka4m.read(config)

  // then we'd write it back into kafka like this.
  val task: Task[Long] = kafkaData.map(r => (r.key, r.value)).consumeWith(kafkaWriter)

In addition to those few simple functions, kafka4m includes basic io and etl subpackages which serve not only to help as further documentation and performance-test kafka set-ups, but also as a practical and performant means to get data into and out of kafka.

The minisite can be found here