NeovaHealth / t4openerp-connector

A connector for OpenERP written in scala

Version Matrix

Tactix4 OpenERP Connector

Build Status

A library designed to connect to an OpenERP server and provide access to a commonly used subset of OpenERP's API.

2.0.1 Release

Using newer 2.0.2 version of t4xmlrpc. Removed various custom data structures favouring the scalaz versions instead. The execution context is now an implicit parameter, allowing you to provide your own context.

2.0 Release

Major rewrite and fundamental change of approach. Ideas shamelessly lifted from the Argonaut Json parsing library. It is now purely functional, with no throwing of exceptions and on the whole significantly simplified.


Add the following to your build.sbt:

"com.tactix4" %% "t4openerp-connector" % "2.0.1"

Use Case


    val session = new OpenERPConnector("http", "localhost",8069).startSession(username,password,database)

    val ids ="res.partner", "name" ilike "peter")

      (error:String)  => logger.error(s"That didn't work: $error" ),
      (ids:List[Int]) =>"The ids: $ids"))


For further use cases see the unit tests.


Originally influenced by DeBortoli Wine's OpenERP Java API we wanted something that would work more effectively in a scala environment as well as make use of scala's inherent async support through the Futures mechanism.


With the use of the Domain trait, in conjunction with the implicits defined in Domain's companion object, a DSL for easily and clearly specifying complex domains is provided

val complexDomain = ("name" === "ABC") AND ("lang" =/= "EN") AND (NOT("department" child_of "HR") OR ("country" like "Germany"))

Associativity is to the LEFT - so parenthesis should be used to make precedence unambiguous

// equates to all all Jim's with ID's of one, OR Jills.
val ambig = ("id" === 1) AND ("name" === "jim") OR ("name" == "jill")

// equates to any Jim or Jill with an id of 1
val nonAmbig = ("id" === 1) AND (("name" === "jim") OR ("name" == "jill"))


All code is released under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3


Please report any bugs/issues or submit a pull request.