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AWS SDK Java to Scala translations, wrappers and reinventions

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AWS SDK Java to Scala translations, wrappers and reinventions

License Bintray Maintenance


For sbt builds, add the following to your build.sbt:

resolvers += "bintray.99taxis OS releases" at "http://dl.bintray.com/content/99taxis/maven"
libraryDependencies += "com.taxis99" %% "awsscala" % "X.Y.Z",

The version comes from the corresponding Git tag.


Assuming you have aws credentials available, substitute the accessKey = "@key" and secretKey = "@secret" for yours:

implicit val awsCredentials = BasicAWSCredentialsProvider(accessKey = "@key", secretKey = "@secret")
val sqsClient = new SQSClient(queueName = "@queue", sqsEndpoint = "@sqsEndpoint")
val messages = sqsClient.fetchMessages(maxNumberOfMessages = 10)

For more details see the tests or the API docs.

Instructions for Development

We recommend you to publish your library to a BinTray public repository . To publish your library to BinTray follow these steps:

  • Create a BinTray account
  • In BinTray get your API Key from your profile page
  • From the command line login to BinTray: activator bintray::changeCredentials
  • Change the version via Git: git tag vX.Y.Z
  • Publish your library: activator +bintray::publish Note: The + publishes the cross-versioned (e.g. Scala 2.10 & 2.11 & 2.12) builds.

To enable others to use your library you can either have them add a new resolver / repository to their build or you can add your library to Maven Central via jCenter.

For the former option do have your scala users add the following to their build.sbt:

resolvers += "YOUR_BINTRAY_USERNAME" at "http://dl.bintray.com/content/YOUR_BINTRAY_USERNAME/maven"


awsscala is open source software released under the Apache 2.0 License.

See the LICENSE file for details.