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Flyway bindings for https://github.com/nafg/slick-migration-api

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The slick.migration.flyway package is an adapter between the Flyway database migration tool, and the slick-migration-api library.

One can aggregatescala.slick.migration.api.Migrations intoVersionedMigration objects and then pass them to Flyway as follows:

import scala.slick.migration.flyway._

val m1 = TableMigration(testTable)
  .addColumns(_.col1, _.col2)

val m2 = SqlMigration("insert into testtable (col1, col2) values (1, 2)")

val migration = VersionedMigration("1", m1, m2)

val flyway = new Flyway()
flyway.setDataSource(db, "", "")



(Note that we must use setLocations() in order to to avoid searching for migrations in the default locations)